Giuseppe Patane'

Born in Mascali, Catania in 1960, Giuseppe Patane', passionate the of art, afther his Accademy Diploma, he started to collaborate with the family business as art director.

He then stars to cooperate, from Milan to Paris, with international fashion brand in creating pret-à-porter lines, achieving to launch at the end a very personal collection with his name.

His artistic activity grows rapidly followed by several art exhibitions where he becomes the protagonist of the XXVII edition 2016 at the "Arts Prize Award of Culture" at Bocconi Palace in Milano, where he was awarded the Nations Prize with an excellent motivation.

A growing creativity where Giuseppe Patane' loves to model and paint. Famous art and historian critics show the best appreciation about his work:Vittorio Sgarbi, Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, Carmen Bellalba, Achille Bonito Oliva, Carlo Franza.

Projects and works continue to characterize his research in social issues, the man-nature relationship along with a path of reacquisition of a formal and ethereal aesthetic.

If you want informations about Giuseppe Patane' designer, you can go to his storic website


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