Company profile
Company profile

In Sicily

An old villa, firstly emptied of unnecessary frills and then redecorated in a minimal and contemporary style, is the base where Giuseppe Patane' started his career as a fashion designer in 1996.

This place represents the ideal base for his work. Here he creates his designs, losing himself among fabrics, silhouettes and the idyllic setting: the blue Mediterranean sea, the epic volcano Etna, the scent of jasmine, the singing birds, as well as the imposing architectural beauty of this old villa; here is where everything happens, where the designs translate into the real

collection which will be shown in the Milanese show rooms.

Essential luxury, eclecticism, constant search of new trends, these are the key elements of Giuseppe's work, which are shown in his collection without leaving out the quality and the sophistication in his work.

Also, we can't omit the invaluable job of the Moda, Mode & Modi, the company who has, throughout the year, supported with its very efficient and hard work team, Giuseppe Patane; they are in fact looking after the commercial, distribution and marketing side of the fashion house to make sure the final outpur will match the market demand both

in Italy and abroad, receiving international recognition.

Finally, Giuseppe Patane objectives to reach international fame havn't been possible without the strategic collaborations with Giancarlo Coltri, Paolo Smagliato, Diego Zorzi e Giovanni Biagini, very experienced mangers in the fashion industry specialized in the commercial side of luxury travel brands.

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