Giuseppe Patane'

Passion for beauty and passion for life: these are the emotions that inspire the work of Giuseppe Patanč, an eclectic fashion designer with an amazing charisma, graduated at the Art school in Catania, with a background in textile studies and theatrical costumes designed at the Academy of fine arts;

he moved the first steps right in the heart of Sicily, his homeland; firstly as a window dresser, display manager and visual merchandiser, going from strenghts to strenghts to become Artistic Director in various show rooms across Europe, and finally he lands on the planet Fashion as a designer in his own right.

From Paris to Milan, he starts collaborating with some of the most high profile international fashion houses in the creation of their pret-a-porter lines and eventually in the fall-winter 1996-97, he launches a very personal collection with his own name.

A very sensual creature full of warm mediterranean soul, this is Giuseppe Patane' idea of his woman; his creations take inspiration from the landscape, the colours and the scents of his very beloved Sicily; while exploring old traditions and religious festivals, he wants to tell stories of princes, bandits and saints all legendary elements of the rich Island cultural past;

all these elements are shown in the details of his work like citrus orchards, idyllic villages which ultimately are an hymn to the Sicilian way of life.

Another element of Giuseppe's work are the well cut, defined and seducing lines, which makes his clothes suitable to all women. In the choice of his fabric, he adopts, one key word 'contamination'; impalpable organze and chiffon mixed to noble silk, cotton and delicate wool and this melange has the main objective to glorify the femmininity.

His creativity is in constant transformation; his multifacets soul loves painting, modelling, and even more experimenting.

Giuseppe finds in the deep roots of his own land input to his creativity and he believes the same land provide him with perseverance and strong will, which are indispensable elements in this profession.

Finally he uses a word SICILIANITA' (the essence of being sicilian) as the key to his work in fact the scenary, the sea, the lights infuse this quality to his creations which perhaps only appears in small details but actually reveal the real nature of Giuseppe, maniac of the details, which have always characterised and embellished his artwork.

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